It’s about The People…

From "pneumatic addict"

All of us at times are quick to judge the ineptitude and downright governing irresponsibility of many nations with populations in the throes of economic and thus, civil chaos. They are easy to find and snide at as their troubles are typically on display on the front pages of most media.

But it isn’t as obvious to do so when a nation’s core governmental incompetence is masked through seemingly “healthy” political debate. Words and the rhetoric of governing self-interest groups have little meaning when it doesn’t translate into positive results for all people.

A nation where growing segments of its population are loosing hope of finding ways to be productive and provide for their families, is a weakened nation regardless of how anyone may “paint the picture” or whose hands are “on the wheel”.

This I believe…

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"There is nothing to be found in a beehive that is not submerged in a bee. Yet we may explore a bee forever and still never find a hive..." Kevin Kelly's - Out of Control

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