Am I important…?

I wake-up most mornings; at times excited, but mostly curious about the day ahead.

I have a cup of coffee whilst scanning the paper, exercise, take a deep breath when I browse the email that arrived overnight, get dressed for another day at work or play and eat breakfast.

I go outside, greet the people I know and sometimes along the way – when all is at-peace with my world – I share a smile or a nod or a “g’morning” with folks that are complete strangers.

The world is real, exists and supports me every single day through my eyes… it is my perception of how bright the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars are, my interpretation if it is as hot or cold as the weather person claims… my determination of someone as beautiful or brilliant or good, or friendly, or not.

It is my choice to love or hate, to care or be indifferent, to aim for quality over mediocrity… about everything that crosses the path as seen through my eyes; interpreted through my mind and spirit. And… I make these choices many times in a day; sometimes deliberately but most often instinctively.

I am the “connector”, the natural end-result of the symbiotic relationship between Creator and Creation; brought about with purpose by the will of a spirited and awesome God and the choices of countless men, women, children, fauna and flora that have held, befriended, nurtured, taught and loved me along my way.

All the World Is A Stage

acting ones dream

I have the ability to learn, adapt, interact, love, procreate and survive… yet, as informed by all as I am, I can not be someone other than what I choose to be. I can not truly see and interact with the world in any other way than through my own eyes, mind and spirit.

I am responsible for all that I see, say and do. I matter to myself and to all that I interact with and touch… I am purpose built.

Thus, I am important.

NOTEWORTHY – with a few personal/belief substitutions here and there, I believe this is the basic “script” WE ALL – individually – follow; each a principal player acting it out in this world’s stage.

And so it follows that we all are valuable and important individually to this greater play we call “life”… wherein we all lose a little by the marginalizing or demise of a single one of us.

This I believe

About JP
"There is nothing to be found in a beehive that is not submerged in a bee. Yet we may explore a bee forever and still never find a hive..." Kevin Kelly's - Out of Control

2 Responses to Am I important…?

  1. ME says:

    On a very simple level, I have this discussions with my students. Does what I do in Art matter, is it important, am I important, how does that look to myself, my community?!
    Whether it is the choices of color, how they apply the marks on their paper. What they chose to do with their art, if they are not happy with it. My fifth grade curriculum is all about children finding out who they are by looking closely at themselves, self portraits, how they see themselves, how others see them. How they move by studying the body and how we are designed. About how their choices going forward can be powerful, their artwork can be powerful. And how when they work together to accomplish something, magic happens. We do an end of the year project called Trash Kids, based on Ha Schultz and his trash people. Students collect the recycled items that represent what they buy, and what they throw away and for all of the rubbish we create, it indeed represents what is important to us. Then they work together to build a structure that looks like a a human but it is garbage. The kids love the building part, but actually do think about what they consume, and they think about their choices in how it all fits together. It is a very powerful process and in the end the community of trash kids is a moving exhibition.


    • JP says:

      Hi MB… what a very cool idea. I would bet it is a memorable project as well; that the kids will “retain” the experience and how they felt about it.
      Besides the artistic – creative – aspects of the work, this has a very high “sticky” factor, which in my opinion, is paramount to foster, build and sustain self-confidence and awarenes of self, in-context to bigger ideas.
      Well done. Perhaps you’d consider sharing the story and some pics of one of those events…?


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