In the Land of the Blind

In the presence of so many blessings
there is deep regret
for blinding foolishness…
erroneous beliefs of permanence;

that all will remain as so manifested…

A continuum; definitions
of cause and effect
luring unsuspecting spirits
into ease.

But all is fluid, one discovers
upon awakening.
Such blessings are jewels to be
admired and treasured…

on the moment, forevermore

Gifts; precious and
of immense importance.
in spite of our slumbering state.

For blessings
shower upon us all, within
every unquestioned breath
a gift.    Yet…

these things filter through; distorted
as happy coincidences, or
part of a natural order… or
the result of self-efforts

and thus, beyond our ability
to truly grasp their worth…
yet so full of ourselves
we are.

Regrets yes; over such
missed opportunities
to appreciate and fully see,
these remain…

now vivid, clear and stark
all the more…
the wistful regret of slumber
within a awakened state of awareness.

What shall I say…?

Child do not your heart
shield, from the wonders
you’ll find as your eyes open
and your body moves

in such wondrous first light…

Feel them…
as loving kisses; powerful,
sustainable well beyond
the day’s adventures.

Loose not yourself;
too valuable and
brilliant you are… mistrust
and question the blind’s directions.

Be the Cyclops…!


There are bits imbedded within our human-ness that wait… dormant-like, for a clue or a scent to trigger the opening to something that is deep and meaningful; the warmth of comfort… of being where one’s subconscious syncs to (at a most intimate level), as familiar and safe.

“Home” as a concept, lies in the depths of such comfort.

This can be disconcerting for roamers such as me, who have grown to know home as where one happens to be. Thus, such experienced warmth and comfort is the more surprising when it awakens deep desires within of permanence and intimate connections which are strange and foreign to our otherwise practical truths.

A longing for conditions one imagines; the ease between self and the newness of such spontaneous urban settings, the smile of strangers perceived so powerfully positive they effectively override our adopted reality with such present moment’s perfection.

Words and images struggle to relate the experience… how may one capture the melodic chirping of fleeting birds weaved through fragrant rustling leaves and the playful giggles of little people all around a couple; so intertwined into a long lustful kiss they meld with the background… now part of the permanence of stone, brick and mortar unfazed by time and sense of space?

Such as experienced on a recent walkabout in Zurich… touched by the dynamism and beauty of the place and its people.

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