Ingenuity and our wondrous Planet Earth…

A pictorial essay...

Someone in Melbourne (I think) compiled an interesting collection of photographs into a pictorial 2011 Christmas card, which went “viral”.

I came across the image collection through an email from my good friend Frank Cheff.

The images so aptly illustrated both; human creativity and the many natural wonders of our amazing little planet, that I felt compelled to learn more about them and share the result with you all…

May you enjoy it as much as I have.

You may see and/or download this pictorial essay by clicking on this link;

Ingenuity and our wondrous Planet Earth…

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"There is nothing to be found in a beehive that is not submerged in a bee. Yet we may explore a bee forever and still never find a hive..." Kevin Kelly's - Out of Control

One Response to Ingenuity and our wondrous Planet Earth…

  1. Kroshina Rodriguez says:

    That’s some awesome pictures there, I’m still curious how someone managed to click such a perfect shot inside the wave though. Thanks for sharing this with all.


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