Our world is a wondrous place and all of us within it increasingly interconnected. “From Here with Love…” aims to share that which I have found insightful, curious or important; that has touched me and/or holds special relevance about life, work, as well as the synergy and blur between the two. And so, from “Here”; wherever – here – happens to be at each writing, may you see it through my words…

 About Joseph Pereira (JP)… a short version

Born and raised in Lisbon Portugal, I’ve traveled and lived all over our little planet, learning to speak several languages and feel at home in most places.

I’m passionate about many things including design, history, cultural anthropology, military strategy, conversations and people.

I appreciate beauty, elegance and the complexity of simplicity & speed. I despise mediocrity, envy and closed minds.

I learned about design, architecture and the need for quality, poetry and leadership from life and my (hero) father.

I’m a “lone wolf” but treasure true friends, love well and enjoy being loved back. I believe God’s within each one of us and,

I‘m fortunate to have family and friends who believe in me.

Finally; I like who I am, say what I mean and strive to always do what I say.


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Please be respectful of the fact that all materials on this site are the intellectual property of the author or of various other referenced authors that created them. Please credit the source and author(s) should you use, reference, quote or print any material from this site for your own personal and non-commercial use. All other rights are reserved. For avoidance of doubt, please request written permission.

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