Saturday Night…


I have Heaven & Heck   
grabbing hold of my neck
under gray clouds and rain
this has become a great pain. 
The food is too rich and the wine so strong
that it’s harder for me to know right from wrong.
The women are elegant, nature says that I can
I’ll tell you it’s tough for a tired “young” man.
No one to walk with and scheme in the night
to laugh and to hold if the mood seems right,
so running I go to the nearest square
and shout… Hey buddy, is anyone there?
It echoes and bounces off buildings and trees
it builds up like thunder it weakens my knees
and all of the people give you looks that are sad
because they are sure that I’ve gone quite mad.
So I tug at my sleeve and from my lips wipe the foam
beginning to dribble as I continue to roam
then I think, “I’m so lucky”; I have heard from you
I was beginning to think I lived in a zoo
where people come visit to look but not touch
with peanuts and stares that are much too much.
But now I feel better and can smile with great glee
because my dear friend, you thought about me
and cared enough to take the time to say
“I miss you my friend… I hope you’re OK”
Now I can tell you life’s good, that things are fine
so please let us share a glass of this wine
It lift’s our spirits oh so very high
that if we reach upward we’ll touch the sky
and there in the midst of planets and stars
we’ll be right at home we’ll feel like czars.
And dance in the night till in a whisper we’ll sing
What in the heck will we do with this thing?
This poem, this wine, this dance and this height
this madness of thought, this Saturday night?
And then silently we’ll glide through earth’s dome
me back to my wine, you back to your home
from which with a smile I’ll softly say:
Thank you for your thoughts, you’ve made this a great day.
Tomorrow will be sunny, and warm to the touch
I can hardly wait, I need it so much
To walk and to smile hear the birds and the bees
and, I can’t quite believe it, admire the trees…
they’re budding you know, they’re emerald green
they make me feel young, less like a machine
and all of the people will say “Bon Jour, ca va”?
to which I’ll reply “Je’ne comprend pas”
but thanks for asking it’s been such a blast
I’m wired, in synch, (I must end this fast).
I hope you’ve enjoyed it and to say it I’ll dare,
May you never regret showing that you care.


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