A Brand New Day…

A Brand New DayOne of the many things my Father shared that made a lasting impression, was his views on the importance of beginnings and endings, these he felt to be key components for one to live gracefully… to accept “gracefulness” in one’s life.

Specifically, that being “graceful” was determined by how one chose to “start” and “end” everything one engaged with and did. Of the two, that the style and quality of how one chose to “end” something far outweighed all other circumstances. Becoming the very essence of what remained deep within us – and much less importantly – what others saw and remembered.

I have had many opportunities to observe and confirm the trueness and power of my Father’s wisdom, but also, to admire the difficulty of living such seemingly simple concept. This because we humans don’t exist in a vacuum… our conscious thinking, reasoning and resulting actions this moment, are very much influenced; not only by all that surrounds us in the present, but also by what we remember… all that we often subconsciously, have accepted and let “sink in”.

Thus, it stands to reason that it is our subconscious we need to be mindful of and keep in-check, otherwise, it (we) could naturally and “ungracefully”, short-circuit our own best present intentions, our very ability to believe in and/or accept ourselves and dare to dream beyond.

So, as we “archive” 2012 and start this brand new year, both my Father’s words and a collection of 10 simple statements from the works of Dr. Joseph Murphy, remind me and inform this note… my sincere and best wishes to you all:

  1. We have the ability and power to attract and choose everything in our lives.
  2. If we think “good”, “good” will follow… we are what we think all day.
  3. Our subconscious mind will not argue with us, rather, it will accept what our conscious mind establishes and directs.
  4. Our conscious mind is the “watchman at the gate”. Its chief function is to protect our subconscious from registering false impressions. Thus, and as our greatest power is our capacity to choose, why not strive to do it positively and well for ourselves?
  5. All suggestions and statements of others have no power to hurt us unless we allow this to occur. As we have the ability to choose what we think and do, the only power we must be mindful of and grapple with, is the movement of our own thoughts.
  6. We must watch what we say and strive to account for every idle thought or word. It is counterproductive to think or say; “I will fail” or “I will lose my job” or “I can’t pass the exam”… our subconscious mind does not know we may be kidding… and it will subconsciously; lead us to actions that may drive such things to happen.
  7. Yet, our minds are not naturally evil. No force of nature is naturally evil. But, the quality of what we think and do will depend on how we choose to use the power of our natural selves. What if we chose to use our minds and actions to bless, to heal, and to inspire ourselves and all people we come in contact with everyday?
  8. What if we were to eliminate “I can’t” from our vocabulary?
  9. We can choose… we are the captains of our souls (subconscious mind) and thus, the masters of our fate. What if we chose Life? Chose Love? Chose Health? Chose Prosperity and to be Happy?
  10. Whatever our conscious minds assume and believe to be true, our subconscious mind will accept and bring to life.

This I believe…

May you all live this New Year presently and one moment at-a-time. May you all not judge what comes into your thoughts and life as either “good” or “bad”, for you are bigger and better than a momentary experience.

May you all boldly craft and live your own versions of success, health, wealth, love… and let such, brilliantly shine as a beacon of light from the amazing human individuals you all are.

Copyright, Joseph Pereira 2000-2013


All one has to do in order to better appreciate the female complexity, is to closely admire their daughters growing up; assuming one is fortunate enough to have been blessed with “daughters” to grace their lives.

As one such fortunate man, I’ve noted with equal amounts of love and horror, how these amazing teenaged girls so seamlessly and instantly can transition from being the wisest, kindest, smartest loving human beings to the must vicious and despicably mean “drama queens” this side of heaven.

It is this elasticity of mind, character and expression (and a fairly complex and sophisticated chemical mix) which; manifesting whilst they are still very young and gathering momentum and weight as they experiment with coming into their own, leads to the rich tapestry of emotion, thought, speech and action we “grown-ups” so amazingly call “balance” me thinks.

There is no doubt in my mind that the female being is uniquely endowed to handle and excel at a much broader range of circumstances from the simplest to the extremely complex…

Management of Complexity

Image by michael.heiss via Flickr

there is also little doubt in my mind that the male being puzzles over this and is attracted to it like a moth to a bright-light since way before we begun to notice and be intrigued by the interesting anatomical differences between us humans.

The fact that women have been cautious and careful in taking on the “reins” of corporate and governmental leadership – aside the known biases that continually try to “compartmentalize” them -, only attests to their keen intelligence and the well learnt & time-tested lessons of their youth (Sarah Palin being a notable exception to this generalized fact). Bidding their time, absorbing and learning on-the-fly, expanding their capacity always and pacing themselves till the dawn of a more auspicious and/or challenging time will call on them to help us all save the day.

I for one will not tire learning from them and encouraging my amazing daughters into being all that they were created to be. I’ve no doubts I will not be disappointed and will die with a smile in my face knowing that because they “are” all will be well with the world.

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